5210 Campaign

5210 is an educational campaign adapted from Maine’s LetsGo! 5210 program.

It is intended to help kids and families recognize healthy choices. Because we understand the importance of a consistent message about healthy habits, we are partnering with teachers, doctors, child cares, and other community organizations to help spread the word and share the same recommendations of four healthy habits that everyone can practice, everyday.

5210 Program Outline


Each number in the 5210 Campaign stands for an amount of something.

5 Fruits & Vegetables

A diet high in fruits and vegetables provides vitamins and minerals that support growth and development in children. In adults, fruits and vegetables are also associated with lower rates of:

  • diabetes
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • possibly some types of cancer
  • stroke

2 Hours or Less of Recreational Screen Time

Watching television and computer gaming can occupy hours of a child’s day.  Screen time is associated with inactivity, increased snacking, and obesity. Too much TV has also been linked to lower reading scores and attention problems. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under age 2 not watch any television.

1 Hour or More of Physical Activity

Regular physical activity is essential for fitness and the prevention chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Children who are raised in families with active lifestyles are also more likely to stay active as adults!

0 Sugary Drinks

Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption, such as soda and juice, has increased dramatically over the past 20 years. These drinks are associated with childhood obesity, diabetes, and dental cavities.

Help Promote the 5210 Campaign

If you would like to help spread the 5210 message in your programs or community, visit the LetsGo website to find printable handouts, posters, downloadable logos, and an online store.

When using these materials, the 5210 message or the 5210 logo (including on your existing program materials), please include the following credit:

“This handout is (these materials are) adapted from Let’sGo! materials. Let'sGo!.”

Materials may not be used for resale.

Let Us Know

Please let us know how you are using the 5210 message at your organization or send any questions that you have about the 5210 campaign by emailing Healthy Communities.