Purchasing is responsible for the procurement of goods and services on behalf of the Snohomish Health District as governed by the Board of Health. Purchasing strives to maintain the quality and integrity of the District’s purchasing system and maximize the purchasing value of the District’s dollars.

Requests for Proposals

RFP #2019-02

Performance Audit Services: Requesting proposals from qualified professional audit firms or individuals with experience in conducting performance, management reviews, best business practices, and process audits in compliance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards. More info: RFP #2019-02

Agent Contact: Pam Spence, 425-339-5214

Project Manager: Shawn Frederick, 425-339-8687


RFP #2019-001

HVAC Improvement Project: Sealed proposals for the removal and replacement of the existing HVAC system at the Snohomish Health District to be completed by July 22, 2019. More info: RFP #2019-01

  • Bid Status: AWARDED
  • Initial Post Date: April 4, 2019
  • Due Date: April 18, 2019, 3p.m. (our clock).
  • Anticipated Award Date: May 14, 2019, subject to change
  • Type of Bid: Request for Proposals (RFP)

Agent Contact: Pam Spence, 425-339-5214
Project Manager: Tracey Kellogg, 425-339-8696

Award Recommendation: Recommend to the Board of Health on May 14, 2019, award to Evergreen Sheet Metal

Award: Awarded by Board of Health on May 14, 2019, to Evergreen Sheet Metal