Septic Maintenance & Repair

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Understanding Your Septic System
Maintaining Your System
Septic System Safety
Repairing your System

State law (Chapter 246-272A-0270) requires that homeowners inspect and maintain their septic systems to ensure it is functioning properly. The longevity of your on-site septic system relies heavily on the way that you care for it. Be sure to:

  • Complete additional routine maintenance that is required for some system types.
    • Take a look at the monitoring frequencies document to see how often your system needs maintenance and monitoring.
    • Gravity systems typically need maintenance every 3 years.
    • Alternative systems need maintenance annually unless otherwise specified by manufacturer requirements.
  • Monitor what goes into your system
  • Protect the system from surface water and drainage, soil compaction, and other activities that might cause it to fail or lead to early failure. 
  • Schedule regular pumping for your septic tank. See our list of certified pumpers.
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