Pool Permit Process

Any person wishing to operate a water recreation facility in Snohomish County must first obtain a permit to operate issued by Snohomish County Health Department. Existing water recreation facilities must renew their annual permit by May 31st of each year.

All public water recreation facility plans must be prepared, stamped and signed by an engineer or architect in accordance with Washington State law, including:

  • Spa pools
  • Spray pools
  • Swimming pools
  • Wading pools
  • Float tanks
  • Water contact facility
  • Water slides

Seasonal pools are inspected twice between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Year-round pools and spas are inspected three times each year. 

The Health Department is offering that one of the two seasonal inspections may be a pre-opening inspection. The advantage of this to an operator is that there is no concern about a pool or spa closure as a result of the inspection. The operator will receive an inspection report which may list some corrections or repairs that are required prior to opening for the season. There would then be at least one more routine inspection during the summer. Most of the pre-opening inspections will occur during the month of May.

Pool permit fees

Snohomish County Health Department fees are required by state law to cover our costs in regulating businesses to protect the public.

An annual permit is required in order to operate a water recreational facility. Permit renewal invoices are sent out in advance, with fees due within 30 days. Permits are valid from June 1 through May 31st and are not transferable.  For annual permit costs, see our Safe Environment fee schedule.

Pay your pool permit online. Late payments will incur a late fee.

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