Suicide Prevention

The end of the school year brings graduations, summer vacations and a more laid-back way of life. This change in routine and reduced structure can also make summer a time of stress and anxiety for others in our community. We each play a key role in looking out for one another, so here are some reminders and resources to help students, friends and families enjoy a safe and stress-free summer.

View the Safe and Healthy Summer (PDF).

  • You Matter
    • Get involved in volunteering or a new sport, hobby or club
    • Stay connected to friends and family during the summer
    • Find someone that you trust and feel comfortable talking to
    • Have a plan for when you need help or feel alone
  • Friends Matter
    • Check in with your friends to see how they’re doing
    • Be there to listen and show support
    • Talk openly about one another’s feelings and concerns
    • Seek immediate help if you are concerned for their safe
  • Families Matter
    • Keep students active in summer camps, clubs or other activities
    • Offer a safe place to share feelings and worries
    • Find support from your provider or other crisis resources
    • Remove access to weapons and other means of doing harm
  • Communities Matter
    • Provide opportunities to keep students busy during the day
    • Listen and show interest in the youth in your community
    • Look for signs someone is in crisis and act on them
    • Be aware of local resources available to help

Community Resources

If there is an immediate danger call 911. For other situations, we have compiled a list of some local resources in our community. Get the help you need, when you need it most. Support is available 24/7. Call. Text. Chat.