Budget & Financials

Public health funding is a unique patchwork of local, state and federal funding. Snohomish Health District has no local taxing authority, and there is no dedicated source of revenue for public health at the state or federal levels.

Preventing, tracking, and responding to costly food or water contamination and disease outbreaks is essential to protecting the public’s health. Yet continued program cuts and service reductions have resulted in a public health system straining to protect Washington’s families and businesses. Our communities deserve better.

The legislature asked the state for a detailed study to determine the funding gap to fully fund communicable disease control and environmental public health programs, as well as critical capabilities like assessment. The result: a $296 million gap in state funding per biennium.

In order to reduce the biggest risks to the public within those gaps, a crucial $100 million in funding for foundational public health is needed for the 2019-2021 biennium and beyond. This will allow us to bridge that $296 million gap, rather than it continuing to grow.

Balancing the Budget

To balance our budget, the Snohomish Health District has been realigning staff and programs for the past several years. We continually look to capitalize on efficiencies from technology, quality improvement initiatives, and community partnerships. However, these efficiencies and realignments aren’t usually enough and we have been faced with significant reductions in our workforce in recent years. These cuts have been impacting our ability to prevent outbreaks and adequately protect our residents and businesses.  

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