Building Clearances

A construction clearance review application is provided to the Health Department by Snohomish County Planning and Development Services, and occasionally by cities in Snohomish County, for building project proposals served by an on-site sewage system. Health Department review primarily is to ensure that:

  • the proposed building project does not have a negative impact to the existing or proposed primary and reserve on-site sewage system areas
  • the project complies with Snohomish Health Department Code 
  • properties served by individual or public wells maintain appropriate setbacks from the well to the building project.


City or County Building Department officials determine if your building proposal is subject to the adequate and potable water requirements of the Growth Management Act (GMA). For more information on the GMA and its requirements, see this document on Adequate Water Supply for Building Permits.

When applying for a building permit that requires proof of adequate and potable water, the requirements must be satisfied before the building permit can be issued. If your property is served by public water supply, you must submit a letter of water availability from a water purveyor. If your property is served by a well, and you have an approved well site application, you will need to submit a Request for Review.

Building Clearance Infographic