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Life Ring

Important Safety Reminders

As the weather warms and summer approaches, it’s a good time to begin preparing your pool or spa for the upcoming season.

It’s a good idea to conduct a thorough inspection of your own to ensure a safe and healthy swim season. Be sure to:

  • Ensure that all doors and gates to the pool enclosure self-close and self-latch.
  • Test the emergency phone.
  • Restock the first aid kit, including an emergency blanket.
  • Tighten handrails and ladders.
  • Check the condition of the throwing ring and reach pole.
  • Ensure main drains are secure and in good condition. Replace them immediately if they are cracked or broken. The pool cannot be opened until you have done so.
  • Test the pool or spa emergency shut-off if so equipped. The emergency shut-off switch must sound an audible alarm and shut off all pumps. 
  • Review inspection reports from last season and verify all violations have been addressed.
Following these steps will help ensure that you have a good head-start on a safe and healthy pool season.
Taylor 2006 Test Kit

Pool Chemistry

Before opening your facility for the season, it's a good idea to inventory and inspect the test kit. Replace missing or damaged components. Check the labels on existing chemical reagents to ensure that none are outdated or damaged. Expired reagents may not provide accurate results. Store reagents per the manufacturer’s recommendations and dispose of outdated or damaged chemicals at the Moderate Risk Waste Facility, located at 3434 McDougal Ave. in Everett. 

It may be time to replace your test kit. For reference, the Snohomish Health District uses the Taylor 2006 titration test kit. 

Daily record keeping is required for spa temperature and all chemistry parameters.  Print out daily log sheets and other helpful resources on our website.


Making changes around the pool?

Although sliding doors and French doors are stylish, they will not meet minimum code requirements.

When remodeling a recreation building that shares a wall with the pool, doors and windows must meet minimum code requirements. Windows cannot open more than four inches and doors must self-close and self-latch. If your doors do not have a card reader or code, latches must be at least 60 inches high.

Plan review may be required prior to construction, alteration, or modification of a pool, spa, or other water recreational feature. Plans must be submitted by a licensed engineer or architect.

If you are unsure if your proposal will require plan review, contact the Snohomish Health District prior to making changes to your water recreation facility.

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