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1. How long is the food worker class?
2. Can I take the class and test online?
3. Do I have to register ahead of time to take the class?
4. How much is the food worker card?
5. When are the classes offered at Snohomish Health District?
6. Can I schedule a special class for a group or event that needs food worker cards?
7. Is there an age requirement for the class?
8. Do I have to retake the class and test to renew my food worker card?
9. How can I get a replacement card if I lost mine?
10. Can I read the test to a child or student with special needs?
11. I am hearing impaired. What are my options for getting a food worker card?
12. Am I required to have a food worker card?
13. What options do I have if I speak a foreign language?
14. How long is my food worker card valid?
15. How do I renew my food worker card?
16. When are you too sick to work with food?