For Contractors

Installers, PUmpers, & Monitoring & maintenance specialists

In order to perform work as an on-site sewage system installer, pumper, or monitoring & maintenance specialist in Snohomish County, you must first be certified by the Health Department. The first step to becoming certified is to complete a Septic Contractor Certification Application. Email the completed application form to

After submitting your certification application, you'll need to complete the certification requirements which vary for each type of contractor and are available below.

If you have questions about becoming certified as an installer, pumper, or monitoring & maintenance specialist, please contact us!

Designers & Engineers

On-site sewage system designers are licensed by the Washington State Department of Licensing. For more information, visit the Board of Registration for Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors.

Savvy SEptic projects

If you are an installer or designer interested in working on Savvy Septic grant projects, please contact and request to be added to our email notification list. Emails will be sent out when new projects are available so that contractors can submit bids.

List of Pumpers, Monitoring & Maintenance, and Installers (PDF)