Closure and Decommission

Temporary Closures

Owners of pool facilities that are not in operation shall prevent access to the facility by means of locked barriers. If a pool enclosure area has one pool open and another closed (e.g., seasonal pool, year-round spa), the owner shall ensure that the closed pool:

  • Is posted with signage stating that the pool is closed; and
  • Meets water clarity standards; or
  • Is covered with a safety cover meeting ASTM standard F1346-91 and not allowing access to the pool
  • Does not create a nuisance or disease hazard

All pool covers must be completely removed during periods when the pool is open for use.

If a pool that is closed develops an ice layer, the owner must install a safety cover meeting ASTM standard F1346-91 or the entire pool enclosure area must be closed.

Decommissioning a Pool or Spa

If a pool facility is not in operation for more than twelve months, the owner shall provide a safety cover over the pool meeting ASTM standard F1346-91 or the owner shall back fill the pool.