Dumpster Maintenance

Is your dumpster or compactor creating pollution?

Protect our streams and rivers, and comply with county code, by following these simple maintenance tips:


  • Keep dumpsters and compactors under cover to keep rain out.


  • Do not wash.
  • Use a broom to sweep litter into trash receptacles.
  • Keep dumpsters away from storm drains.
  • Inspect dumpsters regularly to ensure they are clean and don't leak.
  • Keep liquid waste out of dumpsters.


  • Require employees to close dumpster lids.
  • Fix broken or damaged lids.
  • Secure lids, when possible, to prevent wildlife foraging.
  • Secure lids in windy areas to prevent them from blowing open.
  • Don't overfill dumpsters.
  • Don't prop lid open.


  • Fix leaks and use a spill kit to clean spills on the ground.
  • Train employees to prevent spills and litter around dumpsters.