Uncovered septic system risersTake our free, online septic care workshop and earn up to $500 in rebates for completing septic system maintenance activities! If you're installing risers, getting your system inspected or pumped, or having minor repairs made to your system, check out the information below to see the rebates you may be eligible for.

Have you already completed some of these maintenance activities? You can still apply for a rebate so long as the work was completed in the last twelve months! Please be sure to review the eligibility requirements below before applying.Apply for Rebate Opens in new window

  1. Available Rebates
  2. Eligibility
  3. How to Apply

$100 Rebate for System Inspections: Regular septic system inspection helps ensure that your system is functioning properly and can help detect problems before they turn into larger and more costly repairs. Only full system inspections with an inspection report uploaded to our OnlineRME database by your service provider are eligible for an inspection rebate. Drainfield evaluations and service call charges are not eligible for rebates.

$100 Rebate for System Pumpings: It is important to pump your system when recommended by a septic professional. If too much waste builds up in your system it won't treat your wastewater like it's supposed it. It could also lead to sewage backing up into your household as well. 

$50 Rebate per Riser Installation with Lid (max. two risers per household): Risers are 24" wide and provide easy access to pipes and other key areas of septic systems. If your septic system was installed after 1995 then it should already have risers in place as they were required for systems built after this time. If you don't have risers on your septic system, here are a few reasons why you should consider riser installation: 

  • Risers help to easily locate a system in the ground 
  • Risers allow easier access for routine maintenance activities 

If you already have risers and need a new riser lid because yours is damaged, you can use your riser rebate for the replacement cost. 

$200 Rebate for Minor Repairs: Fixing smaller problems with your system can help avoid major issues down the road. Minor repairs eligible for a rebate include:

  • Baffle replacement or repair
  • Pump replacement or repair
  • D-box replacement or repair
  • Fixing or replacing a cracked transport line
  • Effluent filter installation
  • Switching to a different lateral in a step down system
  • Repair or replacement of a blower or other ATU parts
  • Repair or replacement of alarm system, timer, control panel, or other electrical equipment
  • Gallon meter installation or repair
  • Charcoal filter installation or replacement
  • Headworks replacement or repair
  • Correction of a settled transport line

You cannot get a minor repair rebate for: Mainline/drainfield jetting, stress tests, or cleaning processes (like cleaning a filter). New riser lids are not redeemable under the minor repair rebate, but can be applied for under riser rebates.

Funding for rebates is currently available and is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis until all funding is exhausted.