Inadequate prenatal care

Inadequate prenatal care is one of six priority areas identified in the 2022 Snohomish County Community Health Assessment.

Prenatal care is healthcare someone receives while pregnant. It’s best to start prenatal care early and continue throughout the pregnancy. However, there can be a variety of barriers to care.

The Healthy People 2030 goal aims for 8 of every 10 pregnant people to receive early, adequate prenatal care. A common index defines “adequate” as having at least 80% of expected prenatal visits, though it does not consider the quality of care.

Over time, Snohomish County has mirrored statewide rates, with most pregnant people receiving care. However, nearly one in three parents-to-be still are not receiving early or enough prenatal care. In 2021, this equated to 1,668 individuals, and disparities also exist among people who identify as Black, indigenous or people of color (BIPOC) and among younger parents.

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For more data and information, view the full CHA report.