Disease Reporting

COVID-19 Notice: Positive lab results for SARS-CoV2 are reportable to the Snohomish County Health Department. Please see instructions below on reporting diseases, and refer to health alerts for medical providers in Snohomish County.

  1. Diseases to Report
  2. How to Report a Disease
  3. Reporting Time-Frames

We rely on health care providers, labs, and hospitals to help us spot disease trends and identify outbreaks. In addition to the diseases considered Notifiable Conditions by the Department of Health, it is vital that clinicians also report unusual clusters of disease or events that raise a level of suspicion, such as apparent outbreaks of food-borne or water-borne illness.

The state Legislature has an easy reference web page listing notifiable conditions along with the reporting time-frame requirements (PDF). The State Department of Health website has a Notifiable Conditions page including links to detailed disease references and investigation guidelines.


Providers are encouraged to print these, which include reporting timelines and contact information for Snohomish County Health Department: